The Battle of Finding New Clients

Client based businesses (such as law firms, accountants and even auto mechanics) are consistently finding it harder to have a pipe line of new clients simply due to the amount of time each client is demanding from them whether it be for phone calls, update meetings or representing them in a court room or with other businesses. 

This takes time away from these businesses being able to spend the time trying to find new clients.  New clients coming into a business are essential for when their current clients either no longer require their services, move on from them or their legal proceedings are finished.

up TO 80%
of visitors leave your site & 
never return

I’ll leave you with one startling fact: 50 to 80% of new visitors to a website leave and never return. This is higher if they visited your site from a link such as an advertisement or search engine result page.  

All this means that even if you have a highly converting advertisement and people are clicking to land on your website you are losing at least half of the visitors as they never return. 

There are much more effective ways to find clients than hoping they call you from a paid advertisement or Google search. 

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