About Us

Pulse Social Media creates a custom social media strategy with each client utilizing our full-service of marketing solutions which deliver measurable results that increase your business’s brand awareness and allow for easier and much more effective customer relations.

Social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now go hand-in-hand for every business type. Through all main stream social media platforms, we can promote your brand and increase your sales and overall bottom line at a far more cost-effective rate than any other form of advertising or marketing.

The popularity and ease of access to Social Media is a tremendous asset that most businesses either do not take full advantage of, know how to effectively use the platforms to benefit their businesses or even use the at all.

Imagine this situation – you have a promotion that you want to advertise to people who are interested in your product or services.  If you do not have a substantial following on social media or even a social media presence at all, you would need to find a way to advertise your promotion.  It could be a radio spots, newspaper ad, flyers delivered to the homes within your area, etc.  This is what is typically called a shot gun approach where you are blanketing an area in hopes of finding some potential customers who are interested in your promotion.  This can cost you thousands of dollars with a “hope” that it will work.

Now if we could tell you that you could laser target an audience online narrowed down to a geographical area if needed (even right down to a zip or postal code) along with people who have interests based around what your product or service you provide is so it is relevant and engaging to them, would this not sound like a much more cost effective and beneficial way to advertise that promotion?

This is the basis of the power of social media marketing.

This approach would be used to not only inform and engage this audience of your promotion, but to encourage them to also follow your social media accounts on the platform of their choice – or even on all platforms!  So the future promotions you would promote them on your social media accounts to reach this audience for your future promotions, information you want them to see, etc for free!

This is why you would want to have your social media accounts to grow so you have a social media presence where you have 1000’s of followers on each of your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. to reach them without having to pay for Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform’s advertising methods.